Half Turk Flat Ride Cymbal


Half Turk Series Flat Ride cymbals provide volume control and dry stick definition.

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Half Turk Series, Flat Ride cymbal.  Fully lathed bottom and unlathed top (except the very outer edge) that allows the cymbal to have a hint of tonal dryness but still open up. This is a quieter cymbal with dry stick definition. Byrne Cymbals are hand hammered and hand lathed cymbals made in the USA from imported, raw cymbal blanks. Each piece of unworked bronze in carefully shaped and lathed in a one-man shop just outside the Chicago area. The cymbals are rustic in character and have the sonic complexity of a truly hand hammered cymbal.

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Cymbal Weight

Light, Medium, Medium-Light

Cymbal Type

Flat Ride


Quarter Turk


19", 20", 21", 22", 23", 24"

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