Hand Crafted Cymbals

Cymbals made for discerning drummers

As a child, my first drum set was an old Rogers kit from my Dad’s best childhood friend, who first inspired me to play. And ever since that first kit (I still have those first cymbals he gave me!) I have been fascinated with the sounds of cymbals.

The love for cymbal sounds led me to experiment and modify cymbals when I was a kid. That love for working on instruments continued as I eventually went to the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery where I learned to build and repair guitars. After a number of years as an accomplished luthier, I decided to return to my first love, cymbals. That is when I began importing high quality, B20 cymbal blanks.

Working from raw, unworked cymbal blanks, I hand shape, tension, and lathe each cymbal. Giving each instrument the time, attention, and even rest to gradually work it into the best cymbal it can be. Each cymbal is individually crafted and falls within one of these series…

The Vintage Series Cymbals: Individually hand-hammered cymbals that are fully lathed on the top and bottom, yet retain sparse areas of the original unlathed surface in areas of deep hammering, for a vintage and unique look and sound. With an aged patina available on request.

The Quarter Turk Series™: Individually hand-hammered cymbals with a fully lathed bottom and partially lathed top, leaving about a quarter of the cymbal’s original, un-lathed surface intact for a drier, more articulate stick sound. This partially lathed cymbal is an instrument that offers the dark complexity and visual beauty that many drummers dream of being a part of their drum set. This line of cymbals can be customized to feature the partial lathing on either the top or bottom with the fully lathed surface vice-versa. The benefit of the Reverse Quarter Turk is to have a brighter stick attack with a more controlled, darker wash. These are truly special instruments!

The Half Turk Series: Unlathed top with a fully lathed bottom that allows for some wash but leaves a drier stick sound and overall controlled spread.

Turk Series Cymbals: An un-lathed cymbal top and bottom, with up to an inch of lathing on the edge of the underside of the cymbal as needed to allow the cymbal to open up just a little bit. Overall extremely dry stick, controlled wash, and good definition.



In each series of Byrne Cymbals, each individual cymbal is unique and completely distinct from the mass-production of other companies in a way that only an individual craftsman can provide. Each Cymbal is hand-hammered and lathed when an order is placed. Nothing is off the shelf at the time stores or individual drummers order!

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